Gaspar Goman

Travelling exhibition

Gaspar Gomán, Inner Africa
Exhibition in homage to the painter (1928-2016)
Carried out by Cpica, in partnership with the IFC in Yaoundé

Vernissage scheduled for May 27th at IFC

All the inhabitants of Yaoundé have in mind the fresco that adorns the façade of the building of the Afriland First bank in the city centre. The name of the artist who created it on the other hand comes less easily to the mind. However, Gaspar Gomán (Santa Isabel, 1928) is probably the artist who most marked the capital of Cameroon with its imprint because there are also several of its mosaics on the walls of official buildings (basin of the city Hall, Directorate of Taxes etc).

This is the paradox of Gaspar Gomán, currently 88 years old and residing in the capital since the 1970s.

Also rare are those who know that this artist mosaic is before any painter.

The exhibition that will be devoted to him in April is intended to make known the artist and painter by orienting the public on the path of creative dynamics at work at Gomán. Archival documents will accompany the works and aim to say a little more to the visitor about the artistic personality of Gaspar Gomán. To give to see the work of this unsung and very discreet painter, author yet of an original work, is to say also the significant place he occupies in the panorama and in the artistic history of Central Africa.

Biography elements :

1928 : 1928: birth of Gaspar Gomán in Santa Isabel of parents from Cameroon (BASA)

1934: Death of his father when he was 6 years old

1943: Death of his mother when he was 15 years old. It is then collected by missionaries who take care of his upbringing.

1954-1960: He follows studies of fine arts at the Ecole Supérieure des Beaux-Arts in Barcelona, Spain.

1960: Return to Equatorial Guinea

1960-1972: He is a teacher in plastic arts and art history. He painted decorations in the Church of Bososo and in the former Guinean presidential palace. He organized several exhibitions in Bata and in Santa Isabel (now Malabo).

1972 : Gomán et sa famille s’installent à Yaoundé où il enseigne  1972: Gomán and his family settled in Yaoundé where he taught as a Spanish teacher in secondary schools. He continues to paint at the same time.

1976: He exhibited 1976-1984: He made several mosaics for A. Salomon on various public and private buildings in Yaoundé, Douala and Brazzaville at the French cultural centre in Yaoundé where he met the architect Armand Salomon.  

1985-1990: Assignment to the north-Cameroon, alone, without his family.

1992: He exhibited in Madrid

1998: Exhibition in Vitoria (Spain)

2004: The fresco (begun in 1996) on the façade of the Banque Afriland in Yaoundé is over.

2010: Exhibition in Cameroon: at IFC Yaoundé, at the Muna Foundation and at the Centre d’art Contemporain Doual’art.