Intrusos, travelling photographic exhibition of the Spanish visual artist Galla Bernal (Yaoundé-Seville-Rota)/residence of the artist in Yaoundé.

From 17 to 14 May 2014 at the IFC in Yaoundé

Coproduced and coordinated by the Cpica (for the Cameroonian side), in institutional collaboration with the IFC of Yaoundé, the Lycée Français Fustel de Coulanges and lab Sevilla (Sevilla, Spain).


Presentation of the artist

Galla Bernal (Esperanza Bernal Gallero) was born in 1975 in Rota, Cádiz. She studied successively at the School of Arts of Jerez de la Frontera and then at the Faculty of Fine Arts Santa Isabel de Hungria in Seville, specialising in painting, engraving and design.

The artist works on various expression media such as: Serigraphy on canvas (series Almohadones, 2003), painting (series Hilo Umbilical, 2005), Sculpture-Objects (Corazas, 2008). She is currently developing her work through the Photo: Vereda, (2012), Intruders (2014), El Muelle (2016). Galla Bernal has been selected and awarded various competitions in the field of plastic arts. She regularly exposes as an individual and a collective. His first solo exhibition in 2001 will be the beginning of his engagement in an exploratory work through which she evokes and interrogates intimacy, the emotional bond between people, the daily also, and likewise leads-such a reflection on everything that binds the individual to the place where he lives.

The photographic exhibition Intrusos

Most of the photos in Intrusos are taken by the water, on the beach. In urban areas, in the heart of the city, generally, it is very difficult to see the horizon; It is a privilege shared by cities in coastal areas, like Rota the Spanish (in Andalusia), where almost all the streets lead to the sea.

Although the playful aspect is paramount and the chance has its place, the places of shooting are chosen here carefully. It’s not about making a montage with programs like Photoshop but rather scenography. Miniature figurines, whether plastic, enamel or lead, come alive thanks to a meticulous staging.

Galla Bernal plays with the scales: what is small becomes gigantic, the daily landscape changes. This is how a familiar place can suddenly transport us to the Serengueti, provided we seek a certain framing, some light and let speak its imagination

The residence in Yaounde

As part of this project, Cpica hosted the artist in residence in Yaoundé during the time of the exhibition

The presence of the artist in Cameroon was an opportunity to create meetings with the Cameroonian creators who work with CIPCA.

His stay among us was also the occasion for Galla Bernal to produce a photographic series on life in the streets of Yaoundé: Logbook, from the passenger seat.

In Douala visit to Joseph Francis Sumegne, when he restored the face of his emblematic sculpture: “The new Liberty” placed on the roundabout Carrefour Aimiebenomon.