Nkom Efufum

Nkom Efufum is a small town belonging to the district of Obala.

This village of the country Eton is populated by 300 inhabitants, it is located about 30 kilometers from Yaoundé in the heart of the equatorial forest.
The daily life of its inhabitants was hitherto punctuated by the rural works and the natural alternation of day and night.
For a few months, following a major involvement of the villagers, the electricity was installed in the houses and on the axis of the village.
The paved road is also approaching the big step.
This photographic and sound report aims to set the lifestyle of the inhabitants of Nkum Efufum at a time when the village is experiencing a transition in its history.
We met them and they gave us their vision of the world, their worries and their dreams, today, in 2016.


Coordinator: Jean Jacques Bella

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