Baka and Bagyélis pygmies, the forest in inheritance

Started in the spring of 2014 the Pygmy Project Baka and Baghyelis, the Legacy forest is still underway and has two components: the support and contribution to the realization of an audiovisual artistic work: Baka, the Guardians of the Forest, and the creation of visual and sound archives devoted to the unsung culture of the Pygmies in Cameroon.

At the origin of this project, a collaboration between the CIPCA/LROA and two artists: Aitor Lara, photographer (Seville, Spain, 1974), and José Bautista (KanseiSounds), composer and sound designer (Madrid, 1968) with whom we focused on the Baka community for the realization of the audiovisual piece.
During the stay of our two collaborators and friends in the Adi reserve in March 2015, the members of the Baka community, confident in the objectives set by the association in the framework of this project, have actively contributed, driven by the ambition to communicate their culture to as many people through these two initiatives.
In general, at the end of these two years of exchanges and work, there has been a friendly and trusting relationship between the members of the CIPCA team (coordinators, collectors, artists, scientists, guides, technicians and assistants) and members of the Pygmy communities, essentially Baka and Bagyelis.
It is the result of this experimental work of the Pygmies of Cameroon, the forest in inheritance, a series of documents (photos, videos and sound recordings) that allows to discover under a renewed glance the dramatic situation experienced by these communities, due to the expropriation of their lands, and that no one can deny.
Culturally and artistically, the documents collected or created over the past two years testify not only to the peculiar sonorities of music and pygmy songs, but also to the beauty of the language and the stories that make these rich and ancient cultures live.
They also give knowledge of talents and personalities that are often generous, close and engaging.